Sunday, October 26, 2008

Breaking the law...

Anyone ever used to watch Beavis and Butthead?! NM connection there...

So I have been tagged a couple times recently (thanks Jen & Sydnei!) but I am going to deviate from the rules and just spew some random information about me.

I have a not so secret crush on Chris Isaak! *swoon*


I loved being pregnant and am sad I won't be ever again.


My most favorite car that I've owned was my first brand new one. A 1997 blue green chameleon Pontiac Firebird. That car was hot! *channeling Paris Hilton when I say that*


I am addicted to ChapStick!


In high school I wanted to be a police officer in my hometown.


Jen said...

OK, I guess you have a few excuses for doing it this way! I love ya and I'm just glad to hear from you again! Thanks!

Jason and Jenn said...

You are too cute!!! Love that picture of you when you were pregnant...very pretty!!!

Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Nice firebird! = )